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One Bree - Vs. the world.
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11th-Jul-2011 08:47 am - handpainted glassware
 Recently opened up shop selling handpainted glassware, more to come soon as I get photos up later today.

Here are some teasers:

and the link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Jaguarspots
3rd-Aug-2009 09:10 pm - Please buy my stuff
Now offering wallets and pouches, as well as wash cloths, and soap savers!

Perhaps a purse, if you really want one.

Just made this here wallet for a good friend of mine, as its a prototype its a little wonky and I probably should iron it so it lays flat. However, its a wallet. Its shiny. And blue. And stuff.

Here are prices:

Dishcloths: 6 in by  8in or so. 8.00

Washcloths: Great for travel! 4 in by 4 in

Wallets (As shown above) 5.00 (Choose snap, button or velcro closure!)

Pouches (Similar to wallet, but is good for coins or other little things) 3.00

Lip Balm caddies: 2.00 ( bri.thegerf.net/lipbalm.jpg ) With lanyard, 4.00

I can also make a giant version of the lipbalm caddie for uh, well, whatever large cylindrical objetcts you want. Makeup, toys, whatever.  About 6.00 depending how big you want it.

Purses: I can make a purse similar to this one:  ( http://images4cf.ravelry.com/uploads/Jaguarspots/9911748/Bag11_medium.jpg )
for 25.00 (Your choice of lining, pick from Joannes.com and I'll go get it and will pick matching yarn colors unless you tell me four of your fav colors for it)

I can also do afaghans,  those will start at 65.00. (Why so much? the yarn alone for the one I made for myself was 50.00. I'm practically giving them away at sixty five.)

Surcharge of 2.00 if you would like a yarn I don't have in stock.

Want something else? Ask! I can probably do it. I"m working onmaking little plushies, but I haven't gotten that far. If you want to be a guiney pig, just let me know XD

Thanks. I really, really could use money.
Please crosspost this wherever you'd like, I'll leave this post unlocked.


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